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How To Do

NYC Marathon

Date: Sunday, November 5, 2023

Call Time: 11:30am

REMEMBER: We set the clocks back the night before (meaning you get an extra hour to sleep!)

We will not be using the truck for this performance. Anyone who uses a band-owned instrument or equipment should pick it up at Manhattan Mini Storage. (401 E 110th Street, on the east side of 1st Ave). Storage will be open for pick-up starting at 11am.

Call Location:

On the East side of First Ave. between E. 110th St. and E. 111th St.

  • NOTE: This is across the street from where we performed last year, and closer to storage
  • Location is right around the corner from our band storage space—which has bathrooms! 


Call Location for people with instruments/equipment in storage:

  • We will not be using the truck for this performance.
  • Please pick up your instrument at Manhattan Mini Storage, 401 E 110th Street (on the east side of 1st Ave)
  • Storage will be open for pickup starting at 11am



  • CLOSEST AND EASIEST:  6 train to E. 110th St and walk East
  • 2ND BEST: 2/3 trains to E. 110th St and walk East (buses will likely not be running)
  • 3RD BEST: Q train to 96th St and walk North
  • Be sure to check the MTA website for service changes and the MTA Live Map before you leave home!
  • PARKING: Due to street closures for the race course, we strongly urge anyone driving to park south of 42nd Street and take the subway to our call location!

Performance Time: 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm [we will play a couple sets with breaks in between]

  • This performance is pompoms only due to the narrow sidewalks
  • You are welcome to participate, and we’d love to have you all with us, but attendance is optional due to these limitations.
  • We’re wearing “Band Casual” for a chilly day: Black or purple jacket/hoodie/sweater, etc. of your choice (yes, your band jacket counts!); blue jeans/black jeans or dark blue/black pants of your choice; footwear of your choice.
  • Can’t perform in a jacket? Wear your white band T-shirt (we have extras if needed) or the purple or black shirt/t-shirt of your choice.
  • Need to wear a hat? Wear the hat of your choice.

The 2023 marching set:

1. As It Was

2. I Wanna Dance With Somebody

3. Don’t Stop The Music

4. Montero

5. Good 4 U

Bonus Tracks

  1. Yeah!
  2. 34th Street Chorale
  3. I Say A Little Prayer
  4. Any Way You Want It
  5. Feel It Still
  6. I’m Still Standing
  7. Mickey
  8. Roar
  9. Barbie Girl


More About the Music:

  • All music will be available at the call location
  • Put your music into a flip-folder (and don’t forget to bring a lyre)
  • Make sure you have a new QBAC logo placard in front of each of the 5 pieces in the marching set.
  • Available in our storage space. 

If you’re doing the Marathon or a close friend/family member is, please make sure to send your bib number to Andy at so we can track you!